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Shooting in the desert at Midnight is forever COOL

Check out the trailer for Kiya Roberts and Farelle Walker!!!!! These ladies are touching on some sensitive yet hilarious topics pertaining to this so called Angry Black Woman

(Source: whyareweangry.com)

This film is going to be amazing…the shoot thus far has been nothing short of!!! The truth that is behind the phrase “ANGRY BLACK WOMAN” is magnified through the looking glass of two of the funniest yet introspective girls in the entertainment game (Farelle Walker and Kiya Roberts)!!!! Enjoy and share~

(Source: whyareweangry.com)

This is how I farm…look at all that top grade black angus (Taken with Instagram)

REBLOGIf You Support Frank. If Not Then Alright. 
I am in voter registration hell!!!! Deadlines!!!! Late turn-ins!!! I loathe petitions…will it ever end (Taken with Instagram)
Its a #ClassicME #TeaParty  (Taken with Instagram)
Love My Soul Ceestah and DeMistressa beautiful beings great times!!! (Taken with instagram)
Spiritual Wonder Shewedagon Paya Pagoda Yangon Myanmar

Spiritual Wonder Shewedagon Paya Pagoda Yangon Myanmar